Unscrambling Global Warming

Global warming: a popular topic among politicians, environmentalists, as well as the general public that consists of various theories regarding the gradual heating of Earth and the detrimental effects on the environment. With all of these speculations floating about, and within the past couple years, increased media attention, it is difficult to discern the truths and falacies of the issue. I found this article to be a refreshing take on the subject.


I thought a valid argument was presented in the point…

"Add all the numbers from Greenland and Antarctica up, and you get a rather piddling total. In 2005, Jay Zwally of NASA published a study in the Journal of Glaciology that looked at the ice-mass changes for both Greenland and Antarctica from 1992 to 2002. He concluded that the total ice loss was equivalent to a sea-level rise of just 0.05 millimeters per year. At that rate, it would take the oceans a millennium to gain 5 centimeters, and a full 20,000 years to rise by a meter. To the hills, anyone?"

and the information about the the AMO was also new to me

This article was refreshing because it is offers a conservative take on the issue, whereas most articles pretaining to global warming are from a liberal standpoint. Each party is going to endorse the issue in their favor so I thought I would read a liberal article on global warming that was comparable in bias and draw conclusions from there.


So are the seas going to boil? Are the ice caps going to melt like a popsicle on a summer day? Is the planet going to shambles? No. The media has embellished the details and threats of global warming. Nothing this drastic is happening right now - but the negative actions of humans are affecting our planet, and at a gradual rate these negative actions are going to have negative consequences. Pollution, frivolous water practices, and excessive fuel emissions are just a few of the irresponsible human practices that are damaging our environment. People need to be conscious of their actions and have some forethought as to what the results might be. It is also an issue of pure respect. Respect the environment, value it for its worth - it is not only where we live, but where thousands of other organisms live as well. We need to take the initiative to preserve the environment. This last article proposes 10 ways that people can fight global warming, and I strongly agree with all 10 suggestions. It is up to us to preserve and protect the earth not only for ourselves, but for posterity.